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RUSTBET.COM FAUCET Claim a free RB Ticket worth $0.03 every hour!
You must fulfill the following requirement to claim faucet:
  • - have #rustbet in username
  • - own rust on steam
  • - deposit at least 50$
  • - staked at least 5$ in the last seven days

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I won a game but didn't get all the items.

    We aim to take around 10% of each jackpot/coinflip game. Depending on the items in the pot we might not take any commission or take as much as 11%.

    How can I check that a round is legitimate?

    We use two strings to determine the winner. One is generated by us and it's hash (SHA-256) is displayed before the roll, and the other one is generated by the moment the bets close. After that we combine the two strings to calculate the winning ticket.

    const mod = secret + '-' + seed;
                const chance = new ChanceJS(mod);
                const precentage = chance.floating({ min: 0, max: 100, fixed: 6 }) / 100;
                const winning_ticket = precentage * numOfTickets; 

    Every time we request a random number from they increment the serial number associated with our api key. This way you can check that we didn't make multiple requests in order to get a favorable outcome.

    Why can't I deposit my items?

    If your items don't show up when depositing, make sure you have your inventory set to public and you have provided your trade url. You can do this on your profile page. Make sure you are depositing no more than 20 items, and your bet is worth at least $0.30.

    Why did the bot cancel my trade offer?

    Our bots automatically cancel trade offers older than 5 minutes to make room for new trade offers. If you're unable to respond within 10 minutes simply “confirm” the old trade offer and try again.

    On top of that, we automatically cancel trade offers for joining a coinflip after the 90 second window has expired.

    I haven't recieved my winnings?

    Sometimes it takes a while for Steam to process the trade offer. If this persists for more than 10 minutes, please contact support. Don't forget to tell us the game mode, as well as the round number.